Commuter range

Around the world in style

In designing the OCEA Commuter range, Michel Joubert drew inspiration from affluent New Yorkers making their morning commute from Long Island to Manhattan aboard high-powered boats. Without compromising on style, the naval architect adapted the vessels to the requirements of offshore navigation. The OCEA Commuter range features vessels with semi-displacement hulls and transoceanic autonomy, making them ideal for both long stays at sea and family outings.


Bernard Nivelt, naval architect and business partner of Michel Joubert:

"The narrow hull is efficient. Michel Joubert has designed a very elegant, seaworthy boat that can sail around the world by consuming little fuel. He added his own personal touch, namely the finer, straighter bow. The generous windows lighten the line unhindered by dinghies or tenders. The spacious bow leaves plenty of room for stowing them, freeing up the lazarette and the decks."


OCEA Commuter 33


OCEA Commuter 40


OCEA Commuter 50


OCEA Commuter 60

ocea-commuter-33-Mini   ocea-commuter-40-MIni   ocea-commuter-50-MINi   ocea-commuter-60-Mini
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