OCEA Commuter 50

OCEA Commuter 50

Cruising from the past into the future

With its design inspired by the commuters of the early 20th century, the Ocea Commuter 50 is the signature yacht of the Ocea shipyard. The yacht features classic, elegant lines combined with superlative technology. With its 50 meters and its perfect proportions, it embodies the Ocea Commuter line, of which it is the flagship.

The Commuter 50 fits perfectly into the Ocea family of transoceanic yachts. It offers a large accommodation capacity, and can also be fitted out with a whole range of extras. It also reflects Ocea’s expertise in ship design and construction. The shipyard builds yachts suitable for long cruises in all of the world’s seas, aboard which their owners can explore the planet’s most sun-kissed shores as well as its coldest reaches. Thanks to their low draft, an advantage made possible by their aluminium hull design, these yachts can anchor very close to shore.

Thoroughly modern propulsion systems

The Ocea Commuter 50 also benefits from our shipyard’s advanced expertise in the fields of hybrid propulsion and electric diesel systems, developed in recent years on boats designed for maritime transport or security. These vessels feature electric motors powered by on-board generators, working in parallel with the main diesel engines. When used at up to 12 knots, the generators run at constant speed in their optimum operating range and can save 30 to 35% in overall consumption. With less work to do, the main diesel engines require less maintenance – another sizeable saving. This is an advantage in terms of operating competitiveness and environmental footprint, since there are less CO2 emissions.

Comfort, to the ends of the earth

Aboard the Ocea Commuter 50, twelve guests can make the most of the spacious upper lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows, the Easy Boarding system for safe access to the tenders, the optional sun lounge on the forward deck, or even a totally private sun deck complete with jacuzzi. In order to preserve the sleek contours of the Commuter 50, its large tenders – up to 10 metres! – and jet skis are stowed inside, protected against the elements. We can even install a helipad on the rear deck. Featuring a historic pedigree, a timeless profile, the latest in modern technology and a forward-looking spirit, the Ocea Commuter 50 is a time travelling icon!


Naval ArchitectOCEA
Length overall50.00 m
Beam8.65 m
Max draft2.20 m
Max speed18.0 kts
Cruising Speed16.0 kts
Range5 000 NM @ 10 knots
Guests12 in 6 staterooms