Expertise OCEA

Exceeding expectations in Sailing

Designing a yacht is above all designing a boat… It must be able to brave the same seas as the working ships on which OCEA’s reputation has been built. It must also exhibit the same level of precision, efficiency and safety for its occupants. This is why OCEA has always applied the same design and manufacturing standards to the world of yachts as for its other aluminium productions. Every element is perfect, in its proper place and designed with intention…

OCEA’s yachts are capable of navigating serenely and comfortably on every sea across the globe at every latitude. These boats are designed by lovers of the sea to exceed the expectations of sailors to voyage to the end of the world…

All areas of expertise

OCEA is today one of the very few shipyards in Europe able to design aluminium boats up to 90 metres long and manufacture them in its own workshops.

Since its creation, OCEA Yachts has benefited from the expertise of the OCEA group’s engineering services and infrastructures to define technical and naval solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The shipyard can also provide refit services for all the boats it builds—so that every vessel is entrusted to the specialists who know it best.

The OCEA group is ISO 9001 certified.

OCEA YACHTS fundamentals

Professional equipment and standards

From the beginning, OCEA has applied its extensive technological expertise to the world of motor yachts. Like the working ships designed by OCEA, OCEA Yachts vessels are known for using professional standards and equipment. Well-built for handling the sea, and with ocean-crossing capability, they can safely navigate any waters in the world. They are stable en route and at anchor, and easy to manoeuvre—even with a small crew—at speeds of between 10 and 20 knots.

Respect for the sea and concern for the environment

The use of aluminium in motor yachts guarantees performance and efficiency. This lightweight material reduces hull weight and allows for smaller, cleaner, more fuel-efficient engine systems. Aluminium’s strength and durability also guarantee lower maintenance costs, and easier repairs and dry docking.

Champions of exploration

OCEA’s ocean-going yachts are designed to take you all over the world. They can even be built to an ice class. Spacious tenders make it possible to explore even the most inaccessible bays.