Major Names in Naval Architecture

Major Names in Naval Architechture

By collaborating with some of the most creative and experienced naval architects, OCEA Yachts stands out for the quality, uniqueness and style of its boats.

Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt

Together, Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt formed a renowned duo of naval architects. Michel Joubert passed away in 2016. In 1974 they created Joubert-Nivelt Design in La Rochelle. They designed several hundred vessels for racing, cruising, exploration and long-distance travel—including carbon catamarans, IMOCA 60s and traditional sailboats, in addition to best-selling motor yachts such as the Beneteau Swift Trawler, the Latitude Andreyale and the popular OCEA Commuter…

Philippe Briand

Originally from La Rochelle, Philippe Briand has designed a number of racing yachts, notably for the America’s Cup and the Vendée Globe. He also designs for Jeanneau and Beneteau. He has set the bar for superyachts worldwide and now heads two entities from London: Philippe Briand Design (sailboats) and Vitruvius Yachts (motor yachts). He designed the elegant OCEA Nautilus for OCEA Yachts.

Fulvio de Simoni

Based in Milan, Italian architect Fulvio de Simoni founded his own design office, Italprojects, in 1983, and has collaborated with some of the biggest international shipyards. A renowned motor-yacht specialist, Fulvio de Simoni’s name is attached to over 2,500 boats sailing around the world. He designed the amazing OCEA Nemo for OCEA Yachts.

OCEA Yachts strives to offer boats that are a joy to experience, and adapted to meet the everyday needs and high standards of shipowners. OCEA Yachts also works in partnership with a number of decorators and designers specialising in yacht interior design, including Claudio Lazzarini, Pierre Frutschi, Franck Darnet, and Nicola Borella.