OCEA Nautilus 45


Elegance to the Ends of the Earth

Where elegance and adventurous exploration meet… Philippe Briand, from the design firm Vitruvius, designed the ultimate motor yacht in this class.

This is a yacht that embodies today’s lifestyle. Not only does it provide the means for extreme adventuring, but it also satisfies the logical desire to explore amazing landscapes first-hand. Who has never dreamed of arriving in a remote bay, near the poles where the ice cap crowds the shore? Or getting as close as possible to the lush vegetation of a tropical mangrove? Distant coastlines often provide incredible sights for those who can reach them.

Comfort and efficiency

The specifications of the Nautilus 45 are similar to those of the Ocea Classic of twenty years ago: a comfortable, spacious boat, that can carry large tenders. Maximum comfort and overall efficiency with a contemporary design! The living space boasts a full-width master suite on the main deck and five large guest cabins. Efficiency is achieved through the use of Ocea’s favourite material, aluminium, which makes it possible to design a lighter, more economical, faster yacht that can go further without refuelling. But the size of the tenders also plays a role in increasing fuel economy. With the Nautilus 45, the idea was to design a yacht that can go into areas where there is no port or dock.

The size of the tenders

This means carrying large tenders to be able to explore bays and coastlines where the yacht cannot venture. The Nautilus 45 is capable of carrying very large tenders, much larger than what we usually see under the 500 GT limit. The two 8-metre long tenders, stowed on the main deck, offer guests optimal comfort for a wide range of exciting day adventures. In the same spirit, an exclusive boarding and deboarding system, called easy-boarding, was developed to facilitate access to the ocean. Easy-boarding provides the convenience and safety of a real dock, even near the most inhospitable shores.

Elegant lines

The Ocea Nautilus boasts elegant lines unlike any other yacht. Philippe Briand’s designs feature simple, sleek lines with no superfluous details. Although designed for a length of 45 meters, the Ocea Nautilus concept can of course be customized for different sizes without sacrificing elegance.


Naval ArchitectPhilippe Briand
Length overall45.00 m
Beam9.15 m
Max draft2.30 m
Max speed16.0 kts
Cruising Speed12.0 kts
Range4 000 NM @ 12 knots
Crew7 / 8

About the naval architect


Originally from La Rochelle, Philippe Briand has designed a number of racing yachts, notably for the America’s Cup and the Vendée Globe. He also designs for Jeanneau and Beneteau. Now, he heads two entities from London: Philippe Briand Design (sailboats) and Vitruvius Yachts (motor yachts). He designed the elegant OCEA Nautilus for OCEA Yachts.