OCEA Nemo 50 Ice


Extreme recreation

The amazing Ocea Nemo is much more than just a “toy chest”: illustration with the new version of this rugged seafarer.

Italian architect Fulvio de Simoni presented this revolutionary plan to Ocea, featuring a dual aft deck that can store twice as many tenders. So you can take any number of toys on board, with tall sailboats or sportfishing craft on the upper deck, and more fragile craft stowed away! We still had to make sure that this yacht designed for recreation would align with the Ocea philosophy, which builds not just yachts, but powerful transoceanic boats. In this respect, all doubts were quickly dispelled.

Going even further

The Ocea Nemo 50 Ice was designed to go even further. The yacht appears here in its final version, totally dedicated to exploration and extreme conditions, capable of cruising the wildest shores of the Arctic and Antarctic in complete safety and superior comfort. Plus it comes with tenders to be able to explore to your heart’s desire. The Nemo 50 Ice wouldn’t live up to its name if it didn’t have on board everything you need to venture deep into unique landscapes. Mission accomplished with two large tenders that can comfortably approach the most rudimentary port facilities and two RIBs to get as close as possible to the ice pack. In terms of aesthetics, the Ocea Nemo takes on the trappings of a rugged adventurer. The size of the yacht is also a guarantee of excellent sea handling capabilities.

Cocktail… on the rocks !

To navigate in the Polar Regions, the Nemo 50 Ice features shafts and propellers instead of propulsion pods, as well as some special modifications, including a reinforced hull and smaller windows on the main deck. Ocea excels at this kind of adaptation. Another guarantee of safety is the lightweight aluminium which limits the draft. The aft deck is equipped with davits on each side to facilitate the launching of the main tenders, even in extreme weather conditions. And boarding the tenders is easy and safe from the wide access platform. The sheltered upper terrace where guests can enjoy the most stunning views puts the finishing touch on this amazing superyacht.

While it’s true that all Ocea yachts can make long voyages, this one appeals to people who want to experience the oceans to the fullest… All the oceans, without exception.


Naval ArchitectFulvio De Simoni
Length overall50.00 m
Beam9.13 m
Max draft2.30 m
Max speed16.0 kts
Cruising Speed14.0 kts
Range5 000 NM @ 10 knots