OCEA Nemo : The world is your Oyster

With OCEA Nemo, Fulvio de Simoni offers a new approach to cruising through the concept of a multipurpose yacht. Designed for transoceanic navigation—as is the case for all of OCEA’s yachts—OCEA Nemo is also a fabulous toy chest with space for dinghies, jet skis, catamarans, tenders for fishing or exploration, submarines, amphibious vehicles, cars, helicopters, FunAir inflatables, wakeboards and more. This is a real sport utility yacht!

Fulvio de Simoni, naval architect :

In meeting with OCEA to pitch the Nemo concept, I adapted to the shipyard’s philosophy to design not just a yacht, but a real boat. We soon built a relationship based on trust. It should be said that that’s just my culture—it was truly a breath of fresh air to be able to apply my ideas to a boat with real sea-handling capabilities.

The idea for the Nemo is based on the dual aft deck; by keeping it a reasonable size there’s plenty of space to store all those toys you want to take with you, to make the most of the sea and your time off. More fragile items can be stowed away, and bulkier items kept on the upper deck. This way you can enjoy a beautiful beach club and a covered veranda. The motivation behind the Nemo was slightly different, but like other OCEA yachts it is very seaworthy and designed for long stays at sea.