A partnership of talents

With the Ocea shipyard, the charter firm Ocean Independence, the naval architects Joubert-Nivelt Design and the designer Franck Darnet, the Ocea X47 project has a talented crew. An ideal solution for those looking to go further, faster!

Ocean Independence regularly works with shipyards on projects like this one. This is a way for the broker to partner with top-notch businesses. And those who designed this project are indeed top-notch: Ocea, designer of aluminium transoceanic yachts for the engineering, the late Michel Joubert for the design and Franck Darnet for the interiors.

A myth reinvented

The Ocea X47 is a commuter. The idea, inspired by the yachts of rich New Yorkers from Long Island who raced to Manhattan in the morning, came from Michel Joubert. The narrow hull is efficient, the boats consume little fuel and are quite seaworthy. But the commuters were designed for a fast crossing on a sheltered river. Michel Joubert managed to reinterpret this myth with talent, adapting it to today’s world and the demands of the open seas. He designed a very elegant ocean-going yacht, and added his own personal touch, namely the finer, more vertical bow. The generous large windows lighten the line, while the spacious bow leaves plenty of room for stowing the tenders out of sight, freeing up the lazarette and the decks.

Consensual… and fully customisable!

This very seaworthy yacht with a beautiful hull inspired Franck Darnet to design an interior for life on the high seas. The designer, who studied at the prestigious École Boulle, knows what he’s talking about: a sailor himself, he already has one round-the-world cruise under his belt! Given that space is always limited on a boat, he optimized the space to make it look larger and make life on board even more enjoyable. In order to easily tailor the design to the expectations of the shipowner, he created a contemporary and universally pleasing atmosphere, using noble materials. Mainly oak, which can be darkened with walnut or ebony, or you can choose beautiful blond wood species. Starting from the outfitting brief, everything can be modified, it’s totally à la carte!

Our talented, dedicated design team is immediately operational to customise your future yacht to your specifications. You’ll be cruising the seas before you know it!


Naval ArchitectJoubert / Nivelt
Length overall47.00 m
Beam8.50 m
Max draft2.15 m
Max speed20.0 kts
Cruising Speed15.0 kts
Range6 000 NM @ 10 knots