OCEA Group

OCEA Group

Building boats and more

A pioneer in aluminium shipbuilding, the Ocea shipyard has expanded activities to other areas of industrial manufacturing based on our core expertise. It comprises two distinct entities, Ocea Shipbuilding and Ocea Industries, and four production sites.

OCEA Shipbuilding

A long-standing group entity, OCEA Shipbuilding manufactures aluminium vessels intended to ensure maritime safety and security – including patrol boats, cutters and buoy tenders – for passenger transport, oceanography, hydrography, fishing, and more. Capable of producing all types of vessels – catamarans, monohulls, displacement hulls, semi-planing hulls, and planing hulls – up to 90 metres long, Ocea Shipbuilding delivers 20 to 25 units every year.

OCEA Industries

A specialist in complex aluminium components, OCEA Industries works as a subcontractor to manufacture superstructures for passenger liners, and elliptical and max section tank ends. Ocea Industries is now the leading manufacturer in France for tank ends for non-pressurised road tankers.

OCEA Yachts

A division of Ocea Shipbuilding, Ocea Yachts both designs and manufactures transoceanic yachts. These boats benefit from all of Ocea’s experience and expertise in the construction of ocean-going vessels.

OCEA today

Since it was founded, the Ocea Group has delivered more than 300 vessels that cruise across the globe. Diversification into vastly different markets has further strengthened our sound financial position. Because of our long-standing activities, Ocea’s organisation and culture are based on strict procedures that ensure the highest quality and confidentiality.

Production sites

The OCEA group has three production sites on the French Atlantic coast—in Les Sables-d’Olonne, Saint-Nazaire and La Rochelle—as well as a location in Fontenay-le-Comte.

Carte - Groupe Ocea Yacht

Les Sables-d’Olonne 

  • Ship outfitting
  • Workshops 8,000 m²
  • Offices 400 m²


  • Ship outfitting
  • Workshops 4,350 m²
  • Offices 500 m²


  • Manufacture of hulls and industrial metalwork
  • Workshops 10,700 m²
  • Offices 300 m²

 La Rochelle  

  • Ship outfitting
  • Workshops 6,500 m²
  • Offices 500 m²