Construire avec Ocea

Build with OCEA

At OCEA, each yacht is designed exclusively to order and built to the shipowner’s specific requirements. A wonderful human adventure that involves many people.

Entrust your dream to the most capable hands

OCEA’s strength resides in its specialised in-house design offices focusing on marine engineering, particularly dedicated to aluminium. As the true driving force of the company, they have an in-depth understanding of this material, its unique properties, and perfectly master the structural calculations required to optimise its utilisation.

The integration of this unparalleled expertise and close coordination with the on-site construction teams ensure complete command and oversight at each phase of your project.

Bureau d'études OCEA

Rely on a strong partner

OCEA started out with a solid foundation and quickly focused on specialised expertise. It presently boasts cutting-edge production facilities and a streamlined organisation, enabling it to construct aluminium ships measuring up to 90 meters in length.

Its diversification in four very different major markets – maritime safety and security, passenger transport, working boats and of course motor yachts – allows to reinforce its financial strength. Through consistent involvement in military projects, the OCEA Group has acquired substantial proficiency in quality and confidentiality protocols. With OCEA, you enter the world of sailing with professionals beside you.

Choose the finest marine qualities

All OCEA yachts share one trait: before being yachts, they are boats with recognised sailing qualities conducive to high performance and efficiency. With their excellent level of seakeeping, first-class sailing stability, ability to tackle and cross any ocean in any weather conditions, ease of manoeuvring, sturdiness...

They can safely explore the most distant shores, whether journeying through polar regions or tropical zones. The only limit in their maritime travels is your own imagination!

Abely Wheeler

Construction stages


Preliminary studies

Right from the start, your project is managed by our integrated design offices.

In Saint-Nazaire, the Project design office finalises overall plans in compliance with all applicable regulations and works out the design specifications. In Les Sables-d'Olonne, the Development design office draws up the complete construction plans and the relevant documentation.

Bureau d'études OCEA

Implementing of the project team

Efficient coordination between you and the site throughout each construction phase ensures smooth progress. Therefore an experienced project manager oversees the project, maintaining constant communication with the design offices. He/she is your exclusive point of contact and advisor, while also ensuring the quality of the final product.


Building your ship

The entire construction process is carried out in our workshops. The hull is manufactured at the OCEA site in Fontenay-le-Comte, which is dedicated to aluminium construction and boiler making. Following its construction, it is transferred by road in a special convoy to the OCEA armament site in Les Sables-d’Olonne. There, the ship is outfitted with the superstructures as well as the engine room and on-board equipment. The hull undergoes meticulous sanding and painting, while all the interior fittings are created under the close supervision of the designer who conceived them. The design offices maintain active involvement throughout the construction process.



After launching, your boat is entrusted to the commissioning managers, who oversee all the technical and operational tests, and who draft the technical documentation as well as your yacht's maintenance plan.

Araok II

Long-term oversight

OCEA remains at your side throughout your ship’s lifespan, ensuring maintenance and development aligned with your preferences...or those of next owners!

L'intelligence de l'aluminium

Let the intelligence of aluminium work for you

Since its creation in 1987, OCEA has specialised in aluminium shipbuilding, developing unique expertise in a material perfectly suited to the marine environment.

Choosing an aluminium yacht