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OCEA Commuter

For over twenty years, the OCEA Commuter has been the epitome of the OCEA Yachts philosophy: refined elegance combined with outstanding sea-handling capabilities.

Choose timeless elegance

The OCEA Commuter’s stylish profile is first and foremost a callback to history. It is inspired by the powerful yachts of New York’s wealthy financiers and industrialists in the early years of the 20th century. Each morning, a fleet of billionaires would leave their palatial Long Island homes headed for their offices in Manhattan on the other bank. These commuter yachts were therefore specifically designed to ferry their owners across the Long Island Sound, in greater speed and style than their competitors, or comfortably whisk off a few select guests for dinner at the foot of the Statue of Liberty...

Commuter yacht

The pleasure of bringing to life a fascinating era of yachting history

Cruise around the world in style

The elegant design of the commuters remains the same as the Belle Époque, combined with OCEA Yachts know-how to build ocean-going yachts. The classic contours of the OCEA Commuter hint at its serious sea-going credentials, as well as the comfort to be found on board. The semi-displacement hull is designed to cruise around the world, while the transoceanic range is an invitation to explore the farthest reaches of the globe. Leaving you free to sail as far as your imagination will carry you...

Abely Wheeler
OCEA Commuter

Imagine yours

  • Naval architect:  OCEA
  • Length overall:  Up to 90 m
  • Maximum speed:  Up to 18 kts
  • Cruising speed:  Up to 16 kts
  • Range:  4,000 NM @ 10 kts
  • Guests:  Up to 10 in 5 staterooms
  • Crew:  4 to 8

Discover a few inspiration designs Commuter

Each OCEA Commuter is unique and fully tailored to the requirements of its owner. However, OCEA Yachts has come up with a few ideas: tried and tested platforms developed to help you define your own...

OCEA Grand Explorer

Or create a totally unique yacht

The OCEA Commuter line is outstanding, however, it is still possible to take customisation further and bring forth a completely exclusive design that reflects all your preferences...

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