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A sustainable approach

Aluminium is certainly a fundamental element in the sustainable approach proposed by OCEA Yachts. But it’s far from being the only one.

Aluminium, a responsible choice

Considering the complete life cycle of a yacht, aluminium emerges as a particularly wise choice in terms of environmental impact, mainly due to its lightweight nature. In manufacturing, it streamlines logistics and it is easier to mould and shape. At sea, it also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Due to their lightweight nature, aluminium hulls generate fewer waves, disturb underwater fauna less, and have a reduced impact on the explored coastlines.


Infinitely recyclable

Aluminium is also an exceptionally virtuous material. Indeed, it can be endlessly recycled without compromising its properties, requiring minimal energy in the process. Three quarters of the aluminium produced over the last 150 years remains in use today, and nearly all European aluminium is recycled within the continent. OCEA uses mainly recycled aluminium.

Hybrid and environmentally-friendly engines

Lightweight aluminium also makes it possible to use smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient engines for the same performance, that meet the highest standards set by the International Maritime Organisation...

OCEA has also developed considerable expertise in terms of hybrid propulsion or diesel-electric architecture on large vessels. These fittings have been tried and tested for several years on professional boats.

To further reduce environmental impact and noise, the latest generation of batteries powered by solar panels provide the yacht with renewable energy, enabling it to keep the main on-board comfort features running at night without the need for generators.

The guarantee of a yacht that stands the test of time

The time-related aspect of sustainability is also a particularly important aspect. Aluminium's resistance to corrosion ensures yachts endure the test of time with assurance: their qualities persist, maintaining their financial value over the years.

Undoubtedly, this explains why all the yachts built by OCEA over the past few decades continue to navigate the seas. And in surprisingly good shape, even after several round-the-world cruises.

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