Araok II

Araok II 33 m

Launched in 2023, Araok II is a Commuter 108, like Paolyre, Marhaba and Abely Wheeler. Nevertheless, it has many distinct features tailored to the owner’s expectations and incorporates the latest technological developments. It will be the first OCEA yacht with engines that meet IMO Tier III emission standards, giving it free access to current and future Emissions Control Areas defined by the International Maritime Organization. Araok II is equipped with the latest generation of batteries to keep the main on-board comfort features running at night without the need for generators. The shipowners dedicated considerable effort into the interior design, which was supervised by Pierre Frutschi.

Araok II
Araok II
Araok II
Intérieur Araok II

Pierre Frutschi pour OCEA

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Araok II

Specifications ARAOK II

  • Year built:  2024
  • Model:  OCEA Commuter
  • Naval architect:  OCEA
  • Design:  Pierre Frutschi
  • Length overall:  32.70 m
  • Beam:  6.80 m
  • Engines:  2 x 600 hp
  • Maximum speed:  15 kts
  • Cruising speed:  12 kts
  • Range:  4,000 NM @ 10 kts
  • Guests:  8 in 4 staterooms
  • Crew:  4